WATCH: Donald Trump Tells Bill O’Reilly That He Hopes He is Deposed in Tech Lawsuit

As soon as Donald Trump filed his lawsuit against Facebook and Twitter, legal experts chimed in that he would open himself to deposition. And the thought it that Trump would not hold up well on a witness stand. But in a recent talk with Bill O’Reilly, the former president claimed that he is looking forward to being deposed.

O’Reilly began by asking, “Are you lawyers prepared, though, for the war. Because it will be a war, you know that.” Trump replied, “everything’s a war. With me, everything’s a war. And yeah we’re prepared and somebody had to do it. I made a big speech in Florida the other day, we had 48,000 people. And the people are screaming, ‘when are you going to sue social media, big tech.’”

The former president then claimed that he had nothing to do with the Capitol insurrection and said he’d been exonerated by congress.

O’Reilly then asked if Trump would be willing to sit for a deposition. “Sure,” he replied, I look forward to it. I love talking about the election fraud, because it was the most fraudulent election, well I think we’ve had a lot of them, frankly. But it was the most fraudulent election in the history of our country. People know it. Every day we’re finding more and more proof of that.”


Trump may be willing to sit for a deposition, but it certainly wouldn’t make for smart legal strategy. The man has a history of incriminating himself. Just recently, Trump essentially admitted to the claims being made against him by New York prosecutors.

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