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Earlier this year Twitter introduced its verification program after a gap of couple of years. The ‘blue tick’ or becoming a verified account on Twitter is apparently quite a coveted thing. However, when Twitter opened its verification program, a lot of users were not happy at being rejected. It was not just the rejection that rankled but how Twitter didn’t given them good enough reasons behind it.
Twitter, it seems like has heard the complaints and will now give a better explanation at rejecting those who want the blue tick. “We’ve heard your feedback that we can be more clear on why an application didn’t get approved. Decision emails will now give more context on why requests don’t meet our criteria,” the social media platform said in a tweet.

Things to know why you can be ‘rejected’ by Twitter

Twitter has explained why it may reject your call for becoming a verified account. Here we break it down

A website looking for verification has to be authentic

“If you’re using a website to verify your authenticity, it must be the website for a Verified organissation. The website must also reference your name and Twitter account,” Twitter explained.

Follower count matters

For any company/brand/organisation and those applying as an activist/influential individual, your follower count must be in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region, Twitter said in tweet.

Not all journalists can get verified accounts

For journalists, Twitter said that their Twitter profile must reference the news organisation they’re affiliated with and link to its official website. Further, the news organisations they reference must be a notable, verified organisation as per Twitter’s policy. “In the application, journalists must link to their specific about page/bio, or to articles that reference them on the news org’s official site. Independent or freelance journalists must provide links to 3 articles in Verified publications in the 6 months before applying,” Twitter explained in a tweet.
Twitter also made it clear that the whole process does take time and requested patience. “We know some of you are still waiting for the option to apply. We’re still rolling out access to keep up with the volume of applications we’re getting. It should be rolled out to everyone soon! Patience isn’t part of the criteria, but we appreciate yours,” the social media platform noted in a tweet.

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