Toyota Finally Cuts Off Donations To Republicans Who Tried To Overturn The Election

Toyota has finally done the right thing and stopped donations to 147 congressional Republicans who voted to overturn the election.

The Lincoln Project had a new sizzling ad about Toyota turned down by Comcast, which is a whole other problem that highlights the fact that pressure may need to be applied to the media giant to get them to see that suppressing the facts about corporations supporting Republicans who tried to overturn an election to keep Trump in power is an action that will have consequences.

It took weeks and massive public backlash for Toyota to finally do the right thing.

Maybe somebody at Toyota finally realized that without democracy in the United States, their company wouldn’t be nearly so profitable and that being on the same side as anti-democracy actors like Putin and most of the Republican Party is bad for business.

The proof will be in what Toyota does in a month or six months from now. Will they go back to support domestic terrorism in the United States when they think the heat has died down?

It is up to the American people to make sure that Toyota and other corporations are held accountable at all times.

Toyota finally got the message. It is important that they are never allowed to forget it.


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