Stephen Miller Laughably Claims That Trump Deserves All The Credit For Biden’s Success

Former Trump advisor, and noted white supremacist, Stephen Miller claimed that no president in history had inherited a better hand than Biden.


Miller said on Hannity, “No president in history has been dealt a better hand on day one than President Biden. Think about what President Trump left him and what it’s become.”

Biden was left with a pandemic that was killing thousands of Americans a day, the worst economy since the Great Recession, a government that has just survived an attempted coup that was incited by Trump, an administration structure that varied from broken to gutted, to utterly dysfunctional.

It could be argued that no president in history inherited a worse situation on day one than President Biden. FDR inherited the Great Depression, but thousands of Americans were not dying every day, and that is the only situation that is comparable to what Biden faced on day one when he walked into the Oval Office.

Trump Inherited A Dream Situation From Obama And Killed 600,000 Americans

President Obama left Trump a dream situation. The country was stable and had recovered from the Great Recession. The economy was poised for takeoff, and Trump sabotaged it with a tax cut for the rich and a trade war. The nation was in recession before the pandemic hit. After setting up the economy for decline, Trump willfully mismanaged the federal pandemic response and killed 600,000 Americans. That is what Trump left for Biden.

Biden And Democrats Deserve All Of The Credit For America’s Recovery


Presidents often get too much credit for things that they have no control over, but Biden implemented a rapid vaccination plan for COVID that Democrats in Congress funded despite Republican opposition. Biden’s CARES Act both got the American people direct aid and is powering the economic surge that is just starting.

Biden and Congressional Democrats deserve the credit for America’s turnaround. Trump deserves his ranking as one of the worst presidents in US history.

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