Rep. Ted Lieu Calls Out The Republican Party For Becoming Insane

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) warned that the Republican Party has embraced conspiracy theories and become insane.

Video of Rep. Lieu on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

Lieu was asked what has to happen to tamp down the Republican conspiracy spreaders, and he answered, “Republican leaders will simply say one truthful sentence, the election was not stolen. Because they’re unwilling to say the simple truthful sentence, you had people believing in the conspiracy theory that the former president is going to become president again in August. You have a radical right Republican party that’s becoming completely insane right before our eyes.”

What else can it possibly be called when a state political party holds their own ballot audit to try to prove that Donald Trump won a state that he lost nearly a year after the election?

Conspiracy theories are the currency of the Republican Party and good luck to any candidate or elected Republican who takes the time to debunk the conspiracies and refuses to play along with the crazy no matter how conservative they are. (Rep. Liz Cheney says hi).

It used to be considered a radical statement to call the Republican Party insane, but now we have members of Congress going on national television and confirming that the folks across the aisle aren’t all there.

There can be no bipartisanship because Republicans aren’t living in reality. They are a party that has suffered a collective mental break, and Rep. Lieu was right, they are becoming insane.


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