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If you a Realme smartphone and are facing a problem with your handset’s battery then you have come to the right place.
Here we tell you some tips that will help you in fixing any battery related issues with your Realme smartphone:
Turn off Wi-Fi scanning
As the W-Fi scanning remains on by default, it constantly uses the smartphone battery. Even when you have turned Wi-Fi off on your phone, the ‘Wi-Fi scanning’ remains always on. In order to save the battery, you need to turn it off. For this, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advance Settings > Scanning always available > Turn off.
Turn off Bluetooth scanning
Same as the case with Wi-Fi, you will have to manually go and turn off Bluetooth scanning. For this, the simplest way to go to Settings > Search bar > Scan > Bluetooth > Turn off.
Use Quick Freeze
Realme offers a feature called App Quick Freeze that allows users to freeze idle apps making them no longer use power. This can be done by opening Settings > Battery. Notably, once an app is moved in a frozen state, until it is opened.
Enable optimise battery use
This feature comes in handy as it restricts the apps from turning on or running in background. It can be found in Settings > Battery > More battery Settings.
Use process manager
This feature enables Realme users to eliminate the running background apps and make the apps to end the operation.

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