How Can You Be So Stupid? Trump Reportedly Exploded on Brad Parscale After Last Year’s Rally Failure in Tulsa

Despite the fact that COVID-19 was ravaging the country, Donald Trump wanted to continue holding rallies last year. The first of these rallies was to be held in ruby red Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Trump campaign had big plans for the rally. There was not only sets inside, but also an overflow area outside where the former president would address the people who couldn’t get inside the building.

By the time the event began, though, the inside building was mostly empty and there was no need for an overflow area. In his new book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, Michael Wolff outlines Donald Trump’s response to the massive failure. 

Not suprisingly, Trump blamed campaign manager Brad Parscale rather than taking any responsibility himself. Wolff reports that the former president asked aides, “Has Brad actually ever done anything right? He’s f—ed up everything.”

Trump then turned his anger directly on the former campaign manager, “How can you be so stupid? Answer me! Stupid, stupid, stupid … just tell me how stupid you can possibly be? I want to know. Really. Tell me.”

The event resulted in a rapid fall from grace for Parscale. Soon after the Tulsa incident, he was demoted from his position. And a few months after that he was arrested in his Florida home following a domestic violence incident. He is now reportedly involved in Caitlyn Jenner’s Calfornia governor bid.

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