Here’s How You Categorise Yourself After Taking Civil Service Exam 

As soon as the preliminary exam of civil services concludes, the participants wait for the answer sheet to be uploaded on the Internet. The answer sheet is usually posted within three-and-a-half hours of the conclusion of the exam.

After comparing their answers with those on the answer sheet, the participants get an idea about one of the three categories they can clear the exam in. The first category is of those who are sure that they will get selected.

These people start preparing for the mains exam immediately. The second category also includes those who are sure they may miss the opportunity this time around.

The third category includes people who are stuck somewhere in between these two categories. They find themselves in a predicament which means they might or might not get selected. This article is primarily for those in the third category.

First, let’s understand that their fate depends on the cut off marks. In 2016, it was the maximum at 58% which came down to 46.26% last year. That means there are high chances of deviation.

Still, to get an idea for this year, considering 46% of last year would be more logical. There are two main reasons for this. First, this year, too, the level of the exam has been like that of last year.

Second, the situation of the participants preparing for the exam has been like that of the last year due to the pandemic, which means most of them did their coaching online. When participants go to classes, listen to the lecture, discuss with each other, and come in contact, it affects their knowledge levels positively. Lack of coaching facilities may well have been one of the reasons for the 46% cut off last year.

All this means that if a person is expecting marks above 45%, then you should not wait for the declaration of results of preliminary exams to start preparing for the main exam. You will not be able to bring back the days you waste just thinking whether or not you will make it. If by chance you do not get selected in pre, your studies are never going to go waste.

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