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Much like many other modern-day home appliances, dishwashers too have appear to be a neccessity in urban households. As more brands enter the segment, the number of features offered have increased. This makes it difficult to pick the one that will fit in your home and lifestyle perfectly. Experts at Whirlpool India shared some key things one should look for while buying a dishwasher.
Size and sesign
The size and style of the dishwasher plays an important role in the selection process. While there are a host of different dishwasher designs available today, a freestanding dishwasher allows you to have extra space as it doesnt need to fit under a countertop. This design also makes it easy to move around and upgrade your kitchen at any point without worrying about building the dishwasher into the original kitchen design. When it comes to the interiors, pick a dishwasher with stainless-steel interiors as it will not only improve washing performance but also keep the dishwasher rust free.
Utensil loading options
Indian kitchens are home for some wide variety of utensils such as kadhais, cookers and tawas. This is where flexible utensil loading options and multiple racks come in handy so even the taller and wider utensils can be placed easily.
Check the wash programmes
Wash programs in your dishwasher will impact the time taken to wash the dishes, how economical the wash is, the water pressure used for cleaning and the overall quality of cleaning. Always opt for a multi-program dishwashers.
Silent performer
Try look for a dishwasher that performs silently. There are models available in the market that work quietly in the background.

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