Booming Economy Proves Biden Right And Republicans Wrong On Unemployment Benefits

Biden’s booming economy and the latest jobs report show that expanded unemployment benefits don’t stop people from working.

As Paul Krugman put it,The job gain was especially impressive given widespread claims that businesses couldn’t expand because generous unemployment benefits were discouraging workers from taking jobs. (Recent benefit cuts in many states came too late to have affected this report.) Well, somehow employers are managing to hire a lot of people anyway.”

The United States is a country that prides itself on its work ethic, but Republicans oppose unemployment benefits because they claim that Americans are lazy and won’t work if given a generous unemployment safety net.

Joe Biden believes that every American who can work wants to work, but in some circumstances through no fault of their own, like a once in a century pandemic, people can’t work and they need a little help to get through a hard time.

Republicans believe that people should not be given help, and demonize those who need it.

President Biden believes in the American work ethic and the booming jobs numbers have proven him right.

Joe Biden had the right idea for the economic recovery of the country from the beginning. America would not be in this position without Biden in the White House.

Republicans were wrong about unemployment benefits because they are wrong about the character of the American people.

President Biden’s belief in American values is one of the reasons that the nation is heading for an economic boom.

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