Biden Kills Republican Howls Of Socialism With Executive Order On Competition And Net Neutrality

President Biden is taking a big step with an executive order to restore competition to the American economy, including net neutrality.

According to a White House fact sheet provided to PoliticusUSA about the executive order that Biden will sign:

In the Order, the President encourages the FCC to:

High termination fees: If a consumer does find a better internet service deal, they may be unable to actually switch because of high early termination fees—on average nearly $200—charged by internet providers.
In the Order, the President encourages the FCC to:

  • Limit excessive early termination fees.

Companies discriminatorily slowing down internet access: Big providers can use their power to discriminatorily block or slow down online services. The Obama-Biden Administration’s FCC adopted “Net Neutrality” rules that required these companies to treat all internet services equally, but this was undone in 2017.

In the Order, the President encourages the FCC to:

  • Restore Net Neutrality rules undone by the prior administration.

Net Neutrality Could Be Coming Back

Since Trump got rid of net neutrality, big corporations moved into the digital space and exerted even more control over how Americans get their internet service, how much they pay, and what they see on the internet.

Biden’s executive order addresses these three issues. One of the biggest problems from a consumer point of view is the lack of competition among ISPs at the local level. In most of the country, there may be only one or two dominant service providers. Consumers have little choice, and if they want to make a change, it will be costly.

Large corporate media has also gobbled up most of the digital space on the internet. The playing field is not level. The days of a small blog getting the same amount of internet space and access to readers are history.

President Biden is looking out for the American people and proving that he cares more about capitalism and competition than Republicans who are protecting big corporate domination while screaming about socialism.

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